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To become a sponsor

The Anaheim Amateur Figure Skating Association (AAFSA) was established in 2002 to provide financial and organizational support to the ICE’Kateers Synchronized Skating Teams.  Synchronized figure skating is an exciting and fulfilling sport requiring peak physical fitness, endurance, and strength. ICE’Kateer teams include skaters from age seven to adult at various levels of competition. Athletes on our highest level teams must demonstrate superior skating ability as well as exceptional organizational skills to balance their academic goals, work and skating schedules.  This dedication enhances the athletes’ lives, both physically and mentally.   Unfortunately, the costs associated with this sport include the rental of practice ice, coaching fees, national and international travel, costumes, and competition fees. These costs can place an almost insurmountable financial strain on the athletes and their families.  This is where you and your organization can help.  Your tax-deductible donation will be used to subsidize training and competition expenses.

To make your contribution please email Kathi Pargee.